Speaking Engagments

Motivational Speaker


Denise is a popular speaker at conferences, schools, houses of worship, and other places families gather. She addresses many of the common struggles faced by teachers and parents and shares practical, usable techniques for relating to children with respect, empathy, and common sense. 

Families who have attended Denise's seminars and workshops feel energized and better prepared to handle the day to day struggles of parenting, such as getting your children to listen, motivating your teens to work on collegs applications, putting an end to sibling rivalry.  Here is what some families have said:

“The Parenting Today© seminars have been amazing for our family. We learned so much through best practice sharing with other parents and Ms. Denise. It felt good to know were not the only ones struggling with potty training, eating habits, sleep schedules, screen/TV time and the list goes on and on."

“It was so useful because Denise allowed us to see outside of the box and helped us to identify what our “parenting” problem areas are.”

"We are no longer talking down to our kids. We treat them as our equals but at the same time, make sure we are still their parents, so they listen to us when asked.”

"It’s been positive in all aspects of my life. Communication is essential with not only my children, but my partner and the rest of my family and friends.”

“It made our household a happier environment for everyone.”

 “I just want to thank you for helping us be better people, so we can be better parents.”