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Learn strategies for raising happy, healthy children, tweens, and teens.

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Common Sense Parenting, LLC was developed by Denise Harold, M.Ed, during her years working with young children and their families as a Montessori Guide and School Director. Denise always recognized the important role families play in their children’s success at school. Because of this, she worked closely with parents to better understand their needs and to help them incorporate the Montessori principle of respect for the child into their daily life. 

Our Mission


At its core, Montessori is a philosophy of allowing children to follow their own innate development plan, with the adult providing guidance, appropriate limits, and encouragement for growth. In this way, children naturally grow to achieve their maximum potential.

Common Sense Parenting takes these same basic beliefs and applies them to the home and family setting. By observing our children closely, we can ascertain what they need in terms of physical, emotional, and cognitive development. 

Our Programs


Learn how to balance appropriate discipline with love and respect for your child to create a happy, more harmonious family life.  We will help you to define your parenting values and then develop skills, strategies, and routines  to ensure your family is living according to those values and growing in a way that supports each individual’s personal development.  

We offer a wide variety of classes, seminars, workshops, and individual sessions to meet every family's needs. 


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